Hard Corp Media: A Deeper Dive into the Law and Politics of Our Time.

“Say what you will about the liberal media.  It’s the thinking man’s expression of our times – biased in its breadth of knowledge and fairness to the subject.”

Sean Erenstoft

Hard Corp. Media is a full-service communications firm that is known for its multi-channel advertising campaigns, innovative messaging and effective targeting on behalf of its clients.  HCM has worked with a number of companies, institutions and political candidates to develop thoughtful communications strategies that strike the right chord with their clients, constituents and audiences.

Hard Corp. Media was the brain-child of founder, Sean Erenstoft whose political discourse on social and network media resulted in a deluge of interested contributors, marketers, writers and media resources.  Many of the articles, documentaries and blogs published through HCM were contributed by writers affiliated with well-known third-party publishers and news outlets.

The best campaigns coordinate media across multiple platforms, simultaneously broadcasted, to break through the information “noise” in the modern world so that voters and audiences pay attention to your message.

Hard Corp. Media is dedicated to smart phone and tablet users who make up about 86% of the social media market.  Users are consuming their news and a significant amount of their daily entertainment from pocket-technologies.  HCM is focused on marketing and communicating with voters and active news monitors through social media and our website.

This creates a unique opportunity for marketers to communicate with the next generation of information consumers, activists, buyers and voters.

HCM is constantly working with YouTube, Hulu, Shazam and other entities to entice viewers and listeners to our product offerings and to help our customers extend coverage to their target audiences.

HCM also creates and produce television and radio advertising, direct mail, websites, email broadcast campaigns and digital advertising — including banner ads, social media advertising, online radio, pre-roll video and more.  HCM’s services include creative design, production and delivery.

Sean Erenstoft can be reached at (310) 613-8887.