Sean Erenstoft Forms Hard Corp. Media

Sean Erenstoft is a former Orange and Los Angeles County prosecutor who later served as a civil rights attorney, practiced real estate and business litigation, and ultimately became a judge pro-temp and private arbitrator during his 25 year legal career.

In 2001, Sean founded Hard Corp. Media — an organization of Erenstoft’s multi-media business interests.  HCM’s holdings include SuperiorCourtBlog, an advertising production company aimed at political and legal campaigns, a lobbying arm, and Erenstoft’s own authorship and journalistic endeavors.  Through HCM, Erenstoft exercises his political and legal activism to ensure that those with badges, guns, and robes remain true to their calling.

In 2014, Erenstoft became a vocal advocate of arbitration and mediation services when he observed that his clients were increasingly frustrated by the slow-pace of our over-burdened civil court system.  Erenstoft ultimately formed a mediation/arbitration clinic and regularly volunteers to assist parties mediate their disputes without the necessity of long-winded and expensive litigation.

Sean’s philanthropic interests include serving our military veterans.  After a stint working as a legislative assistant to four United States Senators who worked on the Armed Services Committee, Erenstoft turned his attention to ensuring that vets obtain their well-earned benefits from the Veterans Administration.  His efforts began behind a 4′ x 4′ card table erected on downtown L.A.’s skid row in 1988 and graduated from there.

In 2011, he formed LA-Vets to address veteran homelessness and joblessness.  Erenstoft organized as a platform intended to make the process of obtaining veteran’s benefits easier.  Sean also volunteers at the Reseda branch of the American Legion where vets go for respite and support.  In 2015-2016, Sean launched the  Jobs4Vets  program whereby Sean successfully contacted dozens of job recruiters nationwide seeking job set-asides for military veterans.  The LA-Vets website links to a few of the larger recruiters who have dedicated themselves to presenting job opportunities to vets.  In 2017, Sean launched the Homes4Heroes project putting his real estate knowledge to work helping vets get off the streets and into homes with the assistance of Cal-Vet and VA loans that he helps orchestrate with local professionals.

In 2017, Sean obtained a real estate license intending to apply himself to further help vets avoid homelessness through his expertise with disabled veterans’ housing grants, the V.A. and H.U.D. programs.  In addition, Sean was recruited by Sotheby’s International Realty and serves as an expert handling property sales involved in probate, divorce and other transactions involving judicial oversight.  Visit his website:

Sean’s other philanthropic work includes his travel to South Africa in 2015 during the Ebola crisis where he met with church leaders and educational facilities who were receiving children orphaned by the epidemic.  It was a simple effort Sean took to understand the overwhelming problems concerning human displacement and mass-exodus occurring throughout the world (and under an array of different environmental and political problems).  Sean remains an outspoken supporter for refugee re-placement and support which has become a hot political matter of late.

In May, 2015, Sean also travelled to Napa Valley in California to take stock of the wide-ranging water shortage in his state.  A lover of the art of wine and its production, Sean interviewed wine producers about the tough decisions that water rationing is causing to agro-business.  In some cases, he was disheartened to learn that acres of 100+ year old vines were being left to die for want of valuable water.  Sean believes that water resource allocation will be the world’s over-riding concern (and cause of war) in the coming decades.

For fun, Sean enjoys participating in competition bbq with a team of friends.  He collects, restores and races vintage Ducati motorcycles and Vespa scooters; and enjoys making a home with his wife, Donna and their three dogs (Tubbs, Crocket and Puppy).